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Exciting News!


I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be doing two books in 2014 for the new suspense line over at Harper Collins/William Morrow.

My first book is titled CONFESSION and releases March 4, 2014. You can order Confession here.


He’s a serial killer with one little problem: He’s afraid of blood…      

A psychopathic killer known as The Saint is on the loose in Santa Fe. When his compulsively-ordered world is turned upside down, he develops a crippling fear of blood. Unable to continue carrying out his fiendish kills, he finds himself in need of a shrink.  Suddenly the woman he’s been stalking is more use to him alive than dead.

She’s a green-as-grass psychiatrist and what she doesn’t know could kill her …

Faith Clancy, a Yale-educated psychiatrist, is new in town and alone in the world. When her soft-spoken patient, terrified of the very blood coursing through his veins, begs her for help, she’s determined to do anything she can to cure the poor man. But what she doesn’t know is that the closer she comes to succeeding, the closer she comes to death, because the blood he craves most is hers. She’s going to need all her wits and the help of a powerful adversary, Luke Jericho, to solve the puzzle. Will Luke prove to be a safe harbor or a dangerous enemy, and can Faith unravel the truth in time to stop The Saint?