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Exciting News!


I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be doing a new series featuring forensic psychiatrist Caity Cassidy and FBI profiler Atticus “Spense”  Spenser for Harper Collins/Witness Impulse. 

Judgment coverThe first book in the Cassidy & Spenser Thriller series is titled Judgment and releases October 7, 2014. You can order Judgment here.


If these two rivals can’t work together…


Dr. Caitlin Cassidy is on a mission to protect the innocent. Fifteen years ago, she witnessed her father’s execution for a crime she’s convinced he didn’t commit. Now she works as a forensic psychiatrist to make sure that other innocents don’t meet the same fate.



Special Agent Atticus Spenser is hell bent on locking the guilty away.

A brilliant FBI profiler, Spense loves, a good puzzle…especially when the solution takes a psychopath off the streets. But his nemesis, the enigmatically vexing Caity Cassidy, is one puzzle he’s never been able to solve.


…one of them is going to die.


When a young coed falls prey to a sexually sadistic killer, Caity and Spense are called in by opposing sides. But before the case can go to trial, the accused man is murdered in a brutal attack and Caity is critically wounded. Now Caity and Spense must put aside their differences and work together to uncover the truth—because the Man in the Maze is coming back for round two.